Yellow Baby Key Dragon

I made this yellow baby key dragon over the weekend. It’s currently for sale in my Etsy shop.


20140630_201223 20140630_201209 20140630_201156 20140630_201144


Sunflower Dragon

I’m still messing with polymer clay. It makes me as happy as crocheting does. It’s the perfect way to let my creative juices flow. I’m really proud of this original creation!

20140628_191212 20140628_191231 20140628_191243 20140628_191258 20140628_191329 20140628_191727


I used Sculpey polymer clay in “Chocolate” and “Yellow”. This was the first time I laid out scales on the belly, and I wanted to make a removable sunflower that could be positioned with him. Overall I’m super pleased with how it turned out!

Polymer Clay Plant Dragon

With all of the polymer clay dragons I see on my dashboard, I decided to give it a try. Since Dragonvale has been my gauge for my dragon projects, I started with their plant dragon.

Here is the result. I was getting impatient with smoothing the fingerprints out of the clay, especially since my nails are too long, and his head drooped while baking, but I’m still happy with it.


20140613_165742 20140613_173918 20140613_181531 20140613_183241 20140613_184014 20140613_212046 20140614_165001 20140614_165009

Shiny Charizard

Over a week ago I started making a shiny Charizard for my husband. I found this really great pattern written by Mia’s Atelier. She created a really detailed and well-thought out pattern that captures Charizard perfectly, and her pattern continued to impress me with all of the shaping that went into it. I finished putting him together last night, and here’s what I have:

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with how this turned out, especially with the eyes!


Last night I got the last piercing I’ll get for a while. The last three years of college I’ve gotten seven piercings with my piercing buddy. We’ve been each other’s drivers over the year, and yesterday was our last hurrah since she’s graduating next Saturday.

I decided to take this opportunity to go through my piercings and talk a bit about my experience with each one. I’ll start with my ears:

2014-05-04 09.54.13

This is my right ear. The lobe piercings I got when I was 5 or 6, 18, and 20 (respectively). I know it’s bad, but I got these done at Claire’s. It was before I had really known about tattoo/piercing parlors and it’s what I had known. These didn’t hurt very much, it was mainly the throbbing after that wasn’t too fun. Wanting to celebrate our sophomore year with a bang, my friend and I got another piercing. This is where I got my tragus. This was a pretty uncomfortable piercing (Although I had gotten my cartilage done before, and it didn’t have anything on that). This was the piercing I was the most nervous about, and to be honest, the piercer even had to talk to me a bit beforehand just to get my mind off of it. It proved to be worth it though, as my tragus piercing is one of my favorites!

2014-05-04 09.54.56

This is my left ear. The lobe story is the same. I got the top of my cartilage pierced halfway through my sophomore year, and after having it for a while, decided that I didn’t anymore (the piercing itself was being problematic for things I had done). Yesterday I got the cartilage pictured above pierced, and it was definitely the most painful piercing I have. Both the actual piercing and putting in the jewelery hurt, and my ear stayed red and swollen the rest of the day. With that said, however, I’m extremely pleased with it. The shop we go to is excellent and the piercer is highly experienced, making each visit a pleasure!

2014-05-04 09.51.22

Last, but not least, I got my nose pierced 6 months ago. This hurt less than a lobe piercing. I didn’t really feel the needle at all, and the stud he had put in only was a little noticeable. This has been one of my easiest piercings. The stud fell out after about a month, and I thought for sure I’d never be able to get it back in (it was still a little sensitive), but sure enough, it was a breeze! The nose ring itself has been a little tricky to put in, but I was finally able to do that as well. My nose does flare up occasionally, especially if I accidentally get too close with a make up brush, but I use a saltwater solution every day to keep it clean.

For the future, I’d like to get one more about my cartilage to have a doubles thing going on, but that’ll probably be a while from now. My friend and I are also thinking about getting our rooks done together for my graduation next December, so we’ll see where that goes!